U15's Girls Images PLEASE READ...

Unfortunately during this mornings electrical storm my computer suffered a fatal error when lightning hit. I was processing all the U15's Girls Game Action Images from 'Saturday afternoon' at the time and as a result lost all of those images (All 7 U15s Girls Games) as well as everything else I had on my computer.
Despite a number of attempts I have been unsuccessful in retrieving those images.
FYI. I had already loaded some images before Sundays games and was able to reload all of Sundays images from my camera so you may find the odd image in either the "RANDOM IMAGES" gallery from 29-10-2016 or 30-10-2016 - these will include the presentation images.
Once again, I am very sorry about this not to mention very upset that so many images were fried in the storm. There were a large number of excellent images.
Many regards and once again sorry...